About Us

About GMedz: 

Buy Together -  Save Together

Now, get the best deals at unmatched prices on hospital essentials and get them delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possible time frame.

About Us

Welcome to GMoney Group Buy, an endeavor to create a WE-Commerce network for our 9500+ Healthcare Service Providers across India. GMoney Group Buy product discovery enables you to purchase at significantly reduced prices and hence lets you avail highest discounts possible and gives you a shopping mall-like experience all from the comfort of your healthcare center.

We work with the top brands in the medical field and do hard negotiating deals with them which otherwise is not possible for individual healthcare centers to get those deals/prices. In return, we promise those brands a volume sale for their products.

Our Mission:

We aim to become the largest closed network Group Buy technology platform for medical supplies by being rooted in our three principles –

  • Benefit our network of HSPs
  • Healthcare Centers First
  • Being More Transparent

Benefit our network of HSPs:

As the new platform born out of the collective needs for medical supplies of our large network of healthcare centers, our mission has been to serve all of them and create a value proposition that benefits them all. From day one, we have devoted ourselves to this mission, working hard to increase the savings of healthcare centers by providing them with medical supplies directly at the maximum possible discount.

This effort was the most important driving force behind the growth of our platform. Through our M2C model (Manufacturer- Consumer) of direct sales from manufacturers, we have improved the value-for-money proposition of the medical supplies on our platform, thus providing affordable and better-quality to our network of healthcare service providers. This marked another significant step towards our mission of benefiting all in our network of HSPs.

Healthcare Centers First:

This is in the DNA of our “WE-commerce.” GMoney Group Buy tries to understand the medical supplies needs behind each healthcare service provider; we try to aggregate similar needs by analyzing the requirements of the healthcare network we have. We harness the collective power of our network and transform long-cycled scattered demand into short-cycled aggregated demand which results in significant cost savings for them. Going forward we see the possibility of on-demand customized production, improving supply chain efficiency, and continue bringing down prices resulting in huge savings for each healthcare center in our network. Our “WE-commerce” also aims to create more happiness through greater savings during the shopping experience.

More Transparent:

This is a conscious strategic decision. Our strategy has never been to disrupt a monopoly to create a new one of our own but to disrupt to provide great savings on regular medical supplies. This is not the result of our hard work or being smarter than others, but simply born out of the requirement expressed by our 9500+ healthcare service providers.

Why choose GMedz?

GMoney Group Buy is being launched in June 2022 with a pilot across 1500 healthcare service providers with an aim to make regular hospital supplies more affordable & accessible for our network.

We promise maximum savings and seamless doorstep service to our customers. We hope to enable 100+ brands to produce and sell medical products on our platform that are tailored to our customer’s needs

Manufacturer to Consumer Model (M2C)

We constantly provide manufacturers/brands with healthcare center buying insights and preferences to help them tailor-make products for our network of healthcare service providers. This helps them to improve the inventory and supply chain efficiency and lower their cost of production to offer more attractive prices to our customers.