Carestream Imaging Range RVG - RVG CS 5200

Carestream Imaging Range RVG - RVG CS 5200

Carestream Imaging Range RVG - RVG CS 5200

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- Heading Dimension
- True Image resolution 16 lp/mm
- Technology SuperCMOS
- Connection USB 2.0 high speed
- Outside dimension 27.6 X 37.7 mm
- Dimension of active area 22.2 X 29.6 mm
- Sensor plate thickness 7.3mm

Key Highlights:-

- It has 3 modes for better diagnosis pre-programmed in software that also help in optimizing image contrast.

- Quality of RVG CS 5200 IS 16 lp/mm as true resolution HD QUALITY.

- RVG 5200 is 20% thinner than the previous model. It comes with the TOOTH –BRUSH TYPE positioner which helps to place the sensor more comfortably at its desired position.

- The best quality of digital Carestream RVG CS 5200 is fully waterproof and dust resistant with test and tried for maximum durability.

- RVG CS-5200 permits you to customize images as indicated by your own determination for improved diagnostic accuracy.

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