Runyes Feng 23L – Class B Autoclave with USB Recorder

Runyes Feng 23L – Class B Autoclave with USB Recorder

Runyes Feng 23L – Class B Autoclave with USB Recorder

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- B+ cycle for sterilization (Prion Cycle).
- Double door lock system to prevent potential danger caused by incorrect operation.
- Steam Spray barrier to protect the instruments from damage.
- Water filter in the chamber to prevent the drainage pipe from blocking.
- Steam generator cleaning program to increase the efficiency of an autoclave.
- The cooling condenser in the waste-water tank to prevent the tank from deform under heat.
- USB functioning to store sterilization cycle (More than 2000 Fresh Cycles).
- Reduced Full Cycle Time
- B type front loading autoclave with triple Vacuum cycle.
- Drying Time Selection 1min & 5min (Default Time 15 min).
- Multiple Sensors (Pressure Sensor, Chamber Outer Temperature Sensor, Chamber Inner Temperature Sensors etc..)
- Precise Real Time Pressure & Temperature.
- Friendly operation interface, simple and easy.
- 92 Kpa Increased Vaccum Pump Efficiency.
- B & D test to check the temperature penetration capacity of the sterilizer and Leak test to monitor whether there is leakage.
- 3 temperature selection : 121? C , 134? C & B+.
- Sterilization of unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, porous/non-porous instruments can be done.
- Step button to select a date, month, year and time to store the sterilization cycle.
- 2 separate water tanks available: Distilled Bigger water tank with 3.5litre capacity and waste-water tank with 5litre capacity.
- The cooling condenser in the waste-water tank to reduce the water temperature and prevent deformation of the tank.
- Water quality check sensor / Water level Sensor in the distilled water tank available.
- Provision to connect with External Printer (RS232 Port).
- Double door lock system i.e. airlock & mechanical lock to prevent potential damage.
- B+ cycle in 134? C temperature and sterilization holding time of 18 min for effective sterilization.
- Dual Radiator Fans for Fast Cooling.
- Aluminium Foil Insulation cotton for better heat preservation.
- Stainless Steel Connectors in Internal Parts for Corrosion Resistance.
- ISO & CE Certified

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