Skanray Surgical C

Skanray Surgical C

Skanray Surgical C

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- High-Frequency generator technology with switching range from 80-250 kHz
- Near Zero leakage radiation
- 3.5 kW dual processor monoblock generator with proprietary radiation shielding technology
- Ideal for use in Neurology, Orthopaedic, Urology, Gastrointestinal, Pain management, Interventional & Peripheral Vascular Images
- Image capture with 1k x 1k resolution for exceptional image quality
- 10.4” TFT LCD Touch console with optical encoder and hot keys for easy operation
- Laser Aimer & Virtual Collimation for exposure-less alignment of Region of Interest
- Vascular Mode, DSA, Trace & Roadmap features as standard
- Virtual Dose management system to ensure absolute safety
- Image Enhancement Features including Digital Zoom & Contrast control for added viewing capabilities
- DICOM 3 support & storage of over 100,000 images as standard
- Multi-Window Interface for increased viewing convenience
- 3.5kW, 80-250kHz HF Flouro
- kVp range: 40 - 110
- mA range: 0.2 - 8
- 9” triple field IITV
- CAN controlled IRIS collimation
- Pulse Fluoroscopy mode upto 12mA
- Low fluoro upto 3mA, High fluoro upto 8mA, Burst fluoro up to 30 frames
- Laser Aimer, IRIS collimation, Virtual collimation Pulse fluoro, Airkerma on display
- Compatible with major Neuro-navigation and ESWL systems

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